Today when businesses are competing online, Web Marketing sometimes makes all the difference when it comes to getting business online…

We offer our expertise in both on-page optimization services like search engine friendly content, writing industry specific articles, writing press releases etc. and off-page optimization services such as Link Building, Search Engine & Directories Submission, Pay-per click management etc. We are always committed to use only effective and ethical search engine optimization techniques that could bring maximum traffic on your website.

Our range of Web Marketing services include: –

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Website Traffic Analytics
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Market Research
  • Business Identity Design
  • Affiliate Marketing Programs

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising


Launching a new business? Looking to generate more? Pay Per Click advertising is an excellent way of driving business your way almost immediately. Compared with conventional advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) is very effective targeting specific audiences, unlike many other advertising channels, it also provide a reliable way of measuring advertising effectiveness. By using Pay Per Click advertising, one can target clients based on specific keywords, and keyword combinations used to perform searches online.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


More than 300 million searches are performed on the internet each day. That is a significant number of people searching for information, products and services. Are they finding your site? Search engines are responsible for most internet traffic, with more then 300 million searches performed daily. That number represents a huge potential for business, anyone trying to ignore it will be left behind. Search Engine Optimization is a marketing effort that can place your site above the rest in the search engine result pages. There are many website owners that haven’t heard about SEO or that are not convinced it can help them in their marketing strategy, their sites usually occupy pages 10 to 100 in the SERPs.

Website Traffic Analytics


What do you know about your website visitors? How they find you? Do you know which page attracts more visitors to your site and why? Would you like to know? Web traffic analysis could help you find the answers to important questions. Analyzing your website traffic could let you know which pages are more popular on your site and offer a clue as to why they attract more visitors. Using that information can help you tweak your site pages that currently are not creating enough interest and do not contribute their share of generating sales, leads.



Submit your site pages to the search engines, and let the world know you are here. Google, Yahoo, Live and other search engines will know you by name. More and more people are using search engines to find what they need, in fact, recent studies show that more then 70% of all internet traffic originates from a search engine. That’s millions of searches every day. Submitting your site to search engines can help solve this problem by letting the search engines know of all your pages, and allowing them to index your site correctly. It is highly recommended to optimize your site prior to submitting its content to search engines, Call us today to find out more about submitting your website and search engine optimization (SEO).



Take control over your marketing with SEM, Increase visibility, ROI and manage your conversion rate and through SEM . Don’t stay behind, Get noticed, Today! Search engine marketing can make a big diferance in your botom line. SEM is a combination of marketing efforts designed to increase your ROI through the use of search engines.



Discover what people want, Reveal your competition marketing strategy. Valuable insights that will help your marketing strategy and help you build a stronger business plan. Market research is a cost effective way of testing new products, grow your business responsibly by carefully testing the market before you launch a new product. Start an internet market research before you stock up on a new product, and don’t get stuck with an inventory you can’t get rid off.

Business-Identity Design


Kick start your business, with a professionally designed Business Identity Package. Your logo is an important part of your corporate identity, it appears in your company’s business cards, documents and publications. Your logo should project the right image for your company, it should describe your company’s identity including services, products, industry affiliation and vision in a sleak, sophisticated yet simple way. Although this sounds simple it is very hard to design a logo that will capture that much information in such a small space. Our package includes: Logo design, Business card design, Letterhead design, Envelope. Other than this, we can offer a whole range of print designs for your organisation.



Create multiple sales channels, increase visibility, sales, reach new territories and expand your business… without ever leaving your chair. Affiliate marketing is one of the most cost efficient methods to promote a business. Generating extra income was never that easy. Affiliate marketing uses existing internet websites as an advertising platform for your products, these sites, also called affiliate sites, are essentially functioning as virtual billboards that advertise products and services from merchants like you. Affiliate merchants, can manage their offers, commission structure and have access to comprehensive sales/commission reports.

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